Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What Prime Academy Pune taught me......

The best 2 years of my life, I have spent at Prime Academy Pune. To know how the experience was click here.

Apart from Physics, Chemistry and Math, teachers at Prime Academy taught us so many other equally important things which helped us become better human beings.  best IIT-JEE coaching

How to study for JEE Mains and Advanced?
The mantra in Prime for students was – “adopt the best study techniques to succeed”. There comes a time when we study hard with full concentration but the results of the tests we give are poor.
In this regard, at Prime, teachers guided us ….Study hard but Study smart as well…….
Let us first discuss what exactly is the new JEE pattern.
 Best IIT-JEE coaching in Pune
v  It is important to understand that JEE studies and regular school studies are totally different ball games in terms of paper pattern. To get into IIT and other top engineering colleges, you don’t need to score 90% and above in the entrance exam. Usually 75% is the national toppers score. Even if u get 35% u r among top 1% of the nation.

v  Earlier CET, AIEEE, JEE were different. Then AIEEE became JEE mains. Next year (2014) CET will also be a merged with JEE mains. Students have to compete at same platform and hence for CET aspirants things have become more competitive. The only option they are left with is to work hard for fundamentals and their application, rather than going for plain mugging. They must get coaching from experts who have experience of application based coaching.

v  Weight-age has to be given to board marks as well as. Getting a good percentile in board exam is very important. Right way to approach would be to understand the basic fundamentals behind every topic, practice application based questions and then in 12th practice board mock papers. IIT-JEE coaching

v  If you check you will see that 90% of the board (CBSE, HSC) syllabus is same as that of JEE. The only thing really different is paper pattern. Board question papers are subjective type and the JEE mains and Advanced papers are Objective type.What is needed is not a class for both, boards and JEE preparation, but practice for both exams types.  Best - Prime Academy Pune
JEE coaching - best in Pune
Knowing the pattern, the next that comes to mind is how to study for these 2 years?
To know more about these hidden gems of knowledge- click here

When I gave my JEE exam a few years back, there were only 2-3 good institutes in Pune, the best of which according to me was Prime Academy J. You could call me biased as Prime Academy Pune is where I spent 2 years of my life preparing for IIT-JEE entrance. JEE coaching

I did not get a good enough rank to join the IITs, but what I learnt at Prime Academy is what I want to share with next batches.   Pune best

Many people asked me “What was/is special about Prime Academy Pune?
To all of them, I have only one answer – "THE SUPER AWESOME FACULTY TEAM".
They are extremely competent, committed and have great bonding with students. best coaching Pune
If you check out, over these many years, Prime’s faculty team has stayed together without any shuffling.
I have come to know that in some coaching classes, teachers change as often as traffic signal. It is not possible to understand a subject properly if this is the case. Once you get attached to one teacher, it is very difficult to get used to a new one.

Teachers at Prime do not just deliver lectures and walk away. They care so much about the study preparation of students – are they studying enough, what are they solving, etc……

During my time at Prime, it has never happened that I asked doubts to a teacher and it was unanswered. I would trouble them at odd hours sometimes, but they were always more than happy to help me out. JEE Pune
The best was when I felt demotivated or worried about my test preparation, they would motivate me, guide me and would provide emotional support as to how I could improve.
Many times, hours after the class was over, they would sit with me and other students to solve our problems – those of phy, chem, math and others as well. J
There is so much Prime Academy has taught me. To know about it, click here.